Bryan County Fire Chief's Association

Frequently Ask Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Bryan County Fire Tax


What will it cost me on average per year?

What is the fire tax going to do for me?

Who gets the money?

How is the money going to get spent?

Why do we need a fire tax?

Have the fire departments in Bryan County had an increase in calls?

Does the State or local government give the local fire departments any money?

How do the Fire Departments get money now?

Does the Fire Department only run on Fire Calls?

Why does the Bryan County Communications Center need money?

Why does the Bryan County Fire Chiefs Association need money?

How much does a new fire truck cost?

How much does it cost to outfit one firefighter?

If the fire tax doesn’t pass how will it affect me?

If passed will I still have to pay a membership to my local fire department?

If I don’t pay for a membership but I pay this tax will the fire departments bill me?

Is there any accountability of the money once collected?